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Houyet Accessories is a brand of leather goods where simplicity and originality go hand in hand.

The brand is founded by Belgian designer Camille Houyet, who is based in Kortrijk. She picked up her knowledge of leather during a Shoe Design training she followed in Italy at Poli.Design, founded by Politecnico di Milano. This, combined with her degree in Industrial Product Design at Howest, results in an initial collection in which she wants to bring the knowledge of both study programs together. For example, there is no stitching used to assemble the leather. Every patch of leather is attached with rivets which is a permanent mechanical fastener.

"I attach great importance to natural materials and my love for craftsmanship. Each piece is manufactured by my own hands in my studio. The leather I use is originated from Italy and carefully selected piece by piece.

Clean design with an original twist are keywords throughout my label."

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